Footer overlapping with sticky objects?

I have 3 sticky objects at the top of the page but when I scroll to the footer, it overlaps the sticky items. Also, the sticky items overlap each other on scroll. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Footer before scrolling to end of page:

Bottom of page:

Sticky objects prior to scroll (all labelled as sticky and are in a group - no auto layout because the sticky option is no longer there when I try that):

Sticky objects on scroll:


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. I know scrolling could be tricky, so I’d think checking the important things one by one could help you with this article: You can also check the layers panel to see how sticky objects will stack in your prototype. Layers below sticky objects will scroll behind those sticky objects, while layers above sticky objects will scroll in front of them. Also, padding may be useful in this case to keep space between objects, as this YouTube video explains:

If you prefer learning with examples, check the playground file:

Please let me know how that works!