Font Weights in Figma vs in Webflow: How to switch „normal“ and „regular”?

Hey all, I attended to use the Figma to Webflow-Plugin for faster building my websites AND without manually editing colors an fonts.
So what happened was:

  1. First installed the fonts for my webpage in Webflow manually (Branch, Castro and Sofia Pro).
  2. When I wanted to install “SofiaPro Regular” it says this in Webflow
    But in Figma there is no “Normal” but just “regular”
    If I use the F2W-Plugin it doesn’t recognize the “normal” font type and changes my design to the fallback option. That leads to a lot of manual work in Webflow, changing the fonts manually.
    So have you any idea to solve this? Or is there a tool which lets me change the Font Weight name from “Regular” to “Normal”?
    Thanks for helping me :blush:

I could solve that issue! That problem was caused, by using two different versions of the same type of font. Reinstalling the correct version of that font in Webflow, made it work properly.