Font rendering bug after swapping organisation font?

Hi, I ran into a weird thing. I am working for a company with their own font. They had installed it on an organisational level but there was an issue with the vertical trim not being equal. All text looked like it was off (sitting too low) although being vertically centred.

I’ve raised the issue and they have replaced the font with a corrected version. Now I’ve updated all existing text styles (using the Batch Styler plugin) and swapped out Inter for the corporate font. However, at first, the problem didn’t seem to be fixed. Upon further investigation, it seems that I have to double-click each text layer (highlighting all text fields) to trigger font re-rendering (and fix the problem). See video here.

Since I am working with an existing library, I can’t really go through each of the 1,000s of Text Fields manually to make them update. Is there a better way of doing this? And is this a bug?

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Thanks @tank666, that did the trick