Font preview in design panel

is it really still not possible to get a font preview when a text element is selected and I want to compare how a different font fits to it :see_no_evil:


Just found a way to do so
Some things are a bit awkward in Figma
When the font panel is highlighted, don’t use the dropdown arrow, just leave the text cursor in the panel, then keyboard arrow down or up :see_no_evil:

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Doesn’t work anymore (at least on Mac). They just change it :man_facepalming:


  1. select the text element
  2. click on the font name
  3. use :arrow_up: / :arrow_down: to quickly test like 100+ fonts / per minute

“Improved” version

  1. select the text element
  2. click on a font name (list opens)
  3. move over to the list to select the font (list closes!)
  4. check the result
  5. click again on a font name (list opens)
  6. move again over to the list to select the font (list closes!)
    … rinse and repeat :arrows_clockwise: to check manually EVERY SINGLE FONT!

I would really like to know the reasoning behind this stupid idea. How this behavior is exactly better?


Hey @Ivan_Fedorov, thanks for looping me in!

We checked with our team, and this change was intentional with the launch of Font picker. We’re already looking into an alternative for canvas previews, but we don’t have a timeline to share on it.

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Agree with Michi, here. One of the ways I’d use the fonts panel was to scroll through the font list to find an appropriate font. This change really messes up my workflow when I’m brainstorming. What would have been better is a filter for type styles, (Sans Serif, etc).

I agree, this is really messed up!
Testing out different alternatives for a quick font choice is extremely painful after this new update!

The experience is definitely frustrating. We have to manually go through every single font and it takes so much longer! I’m in pain.

I hope the team is actively listening because this just needs to be fixed.

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Working with fonts start to be much more difficult
Please back font options like it was before and like it work in photoshop or illustrator

Thank you

Hey Alexey, sorry for the trouble!

The recent font preview changes from 4 days ago were made with consideration from the community feedback we received here and on this thread: