Font is switching letterforms between weights

My lowercase ‘a’ keeps switching from a closed ‘a’ to an open ‘a’ when I switch the font weight from book to medium. Any ideas for a solution? I’ve completely deleted the fonts from my system and reinstalled only the closed letterform version, and restarted both Figma and my laptop. Oh and it’s happening on the desktop and online version.

Sorry – screenshot of what I mean:

Hey @Meredith_Taylor ! Might this a problem coming from the font itself?
Please check if the font has the same ‘a’ on both weights.

Let me know if you find the answer!

Hi! All weights of the font had the same letterforms in the original otf and ttf files. In fact none of them even included the open style, which is why it was so weird. But I found a solution!!

Text –> Details –> Stylistic Sets. I toggled the sets off an on and the “a” and the “g” toggled between the open and the closed styles.

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