Font changes by double clicking and copy-paste

Hello everyone,

I created a component library for my company. In this library, when i click on components or copy-paste this compınents to another page, font changes and i need to change is manually after. With font replacer plugin, i solved this issue however this is a temporary solution. By the way, changed fonts are not a font in my computer.

Can you help me?


I was faced with this glitch, too. But I couldn’t resolve it yet.

@Atakan, @Fsevgili, try to correct the text with the command “Recompute text layout in selection”. Alternatively, you can use the “Regenerate all instances (slow)” command. To do this, you need to open the “Quick action” (search engine in the file) and start typing these commands.

Unfortunately bro, it didn’t work

Same problem here. It’s a real concern because we have hundreds of pages, we are maybe 10 or 12 to work on it and it seems that some people just need to touch an object to change the font to something else…


I am facing the same issue with the fonts.

Facing the same issue.

Hi! i’m an engineer from Figma and just found this thread. i’m investigating this issue.

It’s possible this is an actual bug fix where previously the font metrics were read wrong and it’s not displaying correct.

If anyone has the time I’d love for you to use the font you’re using and

  1. create a simple HTML page that uses that font with the same font size/weight.
  2. With that page zoomed at 100%, highlight that text and screenshot it
  3. paste that screenshot into a Figma file
  4. create a text node in Figma using that font and overlay it ontop of that screenshot

Please let me know if they do or do not line up and which font you’re using.

My hope is that the new text is actually more representative of the font file and is how browsers would actually render when using that font.

My issue is that it’s simply not the same font I updated it to in the component library. The library font is not pulling through to all instances. And it’s not because I edited the font in the instance before updating the library, I checked…

Hi everyone.

I have been facing the same problem in my work, so making a little research, I have noticed that it doesn´t happen when you are working in the browser version.

Hope it helps

So there is still no fix for this bug? Radio silence?

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