Fixed element disappears in Prototype

Any time I set an element to be fixed, it disappears in the prototype mode. It’s not below the fold line, so it doesn’t have any reason to not appear.

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Hi Alice!
If you’re talking about the ‘Fixed position on scroll’ setting, this is now located in the Prototype tab, and no longer in the Properties panel.

To cover some basics in how to select “Fixed”:
You can only apply one scroll position to each object.

  1. Select the object, group or component in the canvas.
  2. Open the Prototype panel in the right sidebar.
  3. In the Scroll behavior section, select the Position dropdown.
    Choose : Fixed
  4. Click the present icon to view the prototype in Presentation view and see the results.

If this doesn’t help, feel free to share a copy of your file and a quick screen recording of what you see on your end here. Thank you!

I am having the same issue.
All other scroll behaviour display the item in prototype but “Fixed” hides it.
Interesting to see how to solve this issue.

It did work when the item did not have to be on absolute position, might be linked?

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Hi, thanks for replying. No that isn’t the issue. I’m trying to attach a screen recording video, but it says ‘Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.’

Hi there! Hmm it sounds odd. :thinking:
Thanks for letting me know. This is due to the user trust level, please share a link via a shared drive if you can.

Otherwise, feel free to contact our support team with a copy of your file and a quick screen recording so they can investigate further here:

Here is the screenshare video showing the issues: Screen Recording 2023-09-21 at - Google Drive


It’s already set at the bottom in the constraints.

But your object is still not at the bottom of the frame. Just move it.

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If you set the fixed object’s constraints to Bottom, it will snap itself to the bottom of the frame (not to the bottom of the preview window), so it is not actually disappearing, if you scroll the prototype to the very end, your bar will be there. If you want it to stay where you are placing it, you must not set vertical (top or bottom) constraints.


Hi! I had the same problem and in case you haven’t found the reason/solution or someone else finds this post, you have to change the artboard height to the one that matches your prototype.
For example, I changed all my artboards to the size of the iPhone 13 (that I’m using to show my prototype) and the fixed buttons appear now.

*iPhone 14
and yes, you don’t have to use a prototype view, you just have to allow a screen size where you allow for Overflow.

If someone is with the same problem , all you need to do is put the element you need to fix inside the area of the original frame size (because this happens when you extend the area of work for a scroll).

It worked tnxz :ok_hand::sparkles:

In this case , how would the entire frame be visible to others? We have to increase the height of the frame and at the same time set it to mobile height for the protype. This problem ends uo creating two sets of same design - one for prototyping and one for the artboard. Any solution for this?

@Karthika_Aravind You shouldn’t have to resize the artboard.

  • Set the element you want fixed to fixed in prototype mode
  • Make sure the constraint is holding it to the top or bottom of the screen (since we are horizontally scrolling)
  • Make sure the artboard overflow scroll behavior is set to vertical. This might give you a warning, saying that the content needs to be larger than the container, but it works for me (I think this warning is not actually accurate for this particular use case.

Let me know if this solves your issue.

Hey there, this helped. Thanks a lot!

I am running into the same issue. The fixed items are showing on some screens and not others. It’s very frustrating. I’ll keep reading through the comments to see if there was a solution when you posted this.