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"Fix Position When Scrolling" not working as part of a component instance

Thank you so much! :raised_hands:

I had a similar issue. Not with a component, but just with a basic frame. It looks like the “Fix position when scrolling” checkbox doesn’t appear if the parent frame has an Auto layout on it? Would love confirmation from someone from Figma.

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Hi @Tamara_Didenko, could you show the layers panel and indicate which layer you select?

Oh my god. I spent hours trying to figure this out for my anchor navigation component.

Scroll to doesn’t work with components (except the master component) at all, and additionally if you are trying to smart animate it doesn’t work both ways. [The first way works as it’s the master, but not the reverse e.g. a drop down list demo will open but not shut]

My hack fix was to detach the anchor link nav instance on the second page and in another more complex component just overlaid a transparent button.

I really hope this gets fixed because both those solutions are temporary and i can’t have multiple pages of detached components.

@tank666 I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to make the heading fixed yet I can’t figure out how to do it when the parent frame / component has auto layout. Here’s an example file and screenshot of the selected layer (below). Any input would be appreciated.