FIX LAUNCHED! macOS Sonoma: Figma in fullscreen mode - tab behaviour

Hello everyone.

I’ve been struggling these days with a bug that’s happening in Figma Beta only (standalone).

I basically cannot switch tabs without causing it to open a new window for that tab. Is like every click comes along with a drag (like you would do if you wanted to throw that tab in a new window) – the only way this won’t happen is using the keyboard shortcut.

Here’s a video of me showing in Figma Beta and then in regular Figma.

I had to switch back to regular Figma cause it’s impossible to work like that.

Anyone else having this issue?

This bug is not related to either the Plugin or the Widget API.

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That makes sense… The categories are confusing then, because the only “Bugs” category is tied to Plugins or the Widget API.

Thanks for sharing the related topic.

Hey All, thank you for your patience!

The fix is now rolling out to all users! :tada:

If you can’t wait any longer, you can get the latest version by downloading it from our downloads page.


Yey! Can finally view multiple projects on an external monitor, on a single Figma window, without all of the projects breaking off into separate windows.