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Firefox not working with FIgma

Hello Friends of Figma

The problem: Webhooks are restricted at the bank.
(Webhooks are seen as a security risk and are not allowed due to security reaseons.)

We managed to get a exception for the webhooks in the Edge Browser.

HERE IS My real Problem:
When users open Figma in Firefox (mostly their default Browser) the webhooks are blocked and figma appears broken.

This is hindering the broad adoption of figma in my organization.

HOpe you can help me out.

Kind regards


I’m so confused. How are webhooks related to the browser? Webhooks are for sending requests from Figma to your server, not browser. And what does “Figma appears broken” mean and is it related to webhooks in any way?

Thank you for your swift reply, i will add a screenshot.

Uploading: figma-edge-not-figma.jpg…

So you issue is not related to webhooks. It looks like you have firewall or some other security software preventing access to Figma. It’s probably only blocking Firefox browser or only allowing Edge to make requests. The only way to solve this would be to talk to your IT support team at the company so they lift this limitation and allow access to Figma.

I tried talking to our IT department,
They are only allowed to add a exception to the Edge Browser.

Couldn’t there be atleast a error message from Figma, that the connection is being blocked?
The way it is now figma looks broken because no error message appears.

That sounds like a good idea. Feel free to create a suggestion to display the error message (and link this thread for context) in the #product-ideas category so Figma team could take this into consideration.