File size information

Hello there :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Environment is important and the change taking place is irreversible. :bomb:

Every day we are destroying our place of life a little more, and the internet has a huge role in this change, our sector of activity has a role in this change. (small reminder: the internet emits more greenhouse gases than the air sector) :fire:

This is why Figma, our favorite tool, must make decisions in favor of the environment. Encourage us to be careful, optimize our images, keep files light, delete unnecessary files, etc. :leaves:

The first step would be to know how big our working files are. It would be nice to add this information in Mo below the project name. :mag:

There is an exemple :

Hi @matteogonzalez ,
Great suggestion! Thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass along to our team for consideration :slight_smile:

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