File changes not tracked in the list of recent files?

For the past few weeks I am encountering a strange issue. Changes that I do to the files are stored properly, but in the list of all my files, or in the list of all org. files, some of the files that I work on say ‘updated a month ago’. It’s as if my changes are stored, but the marker of said changes is not.

While my teammates’ changes are being displayed properly in the same files. This is utterly confusing and makes me worried if one day the actual changes might not be stored, so I tend to copy work into personal drafts outside of the org. where this issue does not happen.

Is this common? Is there remedy? Tried re-installing figma, rebooting, resetting nvram, etc.

The issue still manifests itself, my recent files are not being updated at all. In the file itself I see the changes, but not in the file viewer or in Figma activity. It’s as if I am inactive, while changes to files are saved and tracked. Some files take days to show any activity on them while I work in them for a few hours every day.

Is there a solution for this please?

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 11.16.25