Figma variables with aliacing and overlay support

The new Figma variable feature is absolutely fantastic! However, it would be even better if they could incorporate support for aliacing with overlay. For instance, it would be incredibly useful to create a new variable that refers to a color token with 50% opacity.

Having this functionality would greatly facilitate token management at a larger scale. Currently, I am unable to utilize the new Figma variable for theming purposes, but I remain hopeful that Figma will consider implementing this feature.

I’m curious to know your perspective. How would you incorporate this feature into your projects? would you use a different approach?

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I agree. Everything feels half baked compared to Design Tokens plugin. No aliases for colors. No math for number variables e.g. {x}*2. At this point I’m not sure it makes sense to convert existing design system to variables. Next year variables we might see major overhaul and everything had to be redone again.

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