Figma Variables in X & Y Coordinates on absolute positioned elements


it would be very much appreciated if it was possible to apply numeric variables to the x & y position of absolute positioned elements within components. Here is the case i am working on:

While everything is completely tokenized and adjusts to different screen densities, i cannot apply the positioning tokens to the design defining the absolute positioning of the dropdown -list flyout. As you can see the distance needs to be adjusted as well. This would be solved if a dynamic token was applied.

This flyout needs to be absolute positioned, so it can be above other elements in forms.

Please make it possible to apply variables to the position of absolute positioned elements! :slight_smile:

While it’s not possible currently to apply variables to object positions, what you can do as a workaround is wrap the object in AL and adjust top padding using variables.

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Hi @Flexowitsch,

Gleb is correct - at the moment applying variables to object positions is not possible.

I’ve found a similar feature request and merged your post with the topic “Add variables to X and Y fields”. Feel free to add a vote in that topic, we will reshare internally so it can be considered by our Product and Engineering teams.

P.S.: Thanks, @Gleb , for answering and pointing it out.