Figma toolbar sitting over prototype navigation menu (presentation mode)


We are updating/reviewing our global navigation system. I created designs using Figma, and continuously struggle when attempting to present my prototypes. The Figma toolbar sits over the prototype’s global navigation bar on hover. e.g.: how can I interact with the “Sign In” button when interrupted by Figma’s toolbar?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @Karicter, sorry to hear this is happening!

To get a full grasp of what’s occurring when in presentation mode, are you able to provide a screenshot?

We’ll then pass this along to the team to investigate.

Hi Denise,

Here is a screenshot to help illustrate the issue on hover. The masthead is occluded by the Figma toolbar. Thanks for passing this on to the team.

Hi @Karicter ,

Toku from Support team instead of Denise. Thanks for the screenshot. If it’s our UI, you can unhide it by pressing @ in the prototype.

I hope it works but Iif the problem persists, please feel free to let us know!


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