Figma "Tablet" app for pencil sketching

Did I just dream it ??

I started using figma, again, long long time ago I gived a try, tested few apps back them (now disappeared most probably) and forgot about it. Now back to track.

First of all, to explain what I try to achieve, my setup: Windows computer, Android Tablet, Iphone/Android phone. And looking for fast prototyping apps flow.

The ideal will be to build the frame esqueleton and basic design of each frame on computer and rework, pencil-wise, of the tablets (probably by different member), usually we do this process “on paper”:

  • cutting cards and placing on the tablet = “computer work”
  • drawing/writing each card with colourful markers = “tablet work”
  • reviewing the card - mirror / play the prototype in mobile

is that possible / feasible in figma ??

I can come to see how I can hand-draw into the frames in fast and nice way neither in the Android app, neither in the windows app.

Adding details to my question.

I believe what I remember some apps to “prototype in paper”, and I found:

(sad it is down the links)

something between this, and actual figma workflow … with a good multidevice experience

too much to ask _

I couldn’t get any draw functionality to work at all on the Android mobile app for tablet. However, I was able to open Figma in a browser on my Android tablet in Firefox. I just used “Open as Desktop” in the settings, and was able to draw via my tablet.
Have you tried opening Figma in a browser on your tablet using “open as desktop”? Should work, I believe.