Figma support not responding after 11 days

I opened a ticket about a wild charge on my account after I signed up for an annual professional plan. After 11 days the ticket is still in open state and after multiple attempts to get their attention, no one has responded.

I was charged nearly $400 for 18 members listed on my account that were not recent additions but rather carried over from my free account when I upgraded to the Professional subscription. I am worried that I will again be charged an absurd amount next month even though I had already paid for an annual plan.

This situation raises questions about the billing practices in light of the Professional plan’s advertised benefits. According to Figma’s website’s pricing model, the Professional subscription should encompass all features of the Starter package, plus additional ones. This includes an unlimited number of collaborators and access to 3 FigJam files. Given these terms, it’s perplexing and concerning why I am are being charged for each contributor. When using my free account I was able to share edit access to my files with unlimited contributors and never got charged for it.

Can anyone shed light on how I can get Figma to respond and refund me the charge and any further information about why I am being charged for each contributor. TY!


Hello Maya, apologies that you haven’t heard back from us yet. I’ve escalated this internally so someone from support should be in touch with you shortly.

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Thank you Gayani. I believe I now have two tickets open because I had started another one today in my desperate attempt to get a response. Please feel free to combine the first one with #894795.

No worries at all, I saw we had a technical issue on our end so apologies for the inconvenience! You received your response on the following ticket number #886718.

I’m facing the same issue. I’ve sent two emails but haven’t received any ticket, response, or other communication. The first email was sent on January 11, and the second on January 15.

Hey there, I can see you received a reply from our support team on Friday (12.01.2024). Could you DM me your email address please to double check?

Hello, I haven’t received any message, mu e-mail is xxxx
Can you please check?

Hey @Time_de_Design1, I saw that you received the email to your second email address. I’ve updated the email address and support will resent the email shortly. Please make sure you delete your email address from the Forum as this is an open space.

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Hi Gayani, I have a a very similar billing issue, how can I get in touch with you in order to resolve this problem?

Hey @Mateo_Reyes , for billing issues, please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: Thank you!

Hey there, I read through the thread and I tried that link you have here as well about billing information, I got the Figma design and FigJam for myself, and for my file, I have 2 other people that I’m working with, 1 of them already has the Figma design and the FigJam, so I don’t know why it automatically included them into my monthly payment which is due very soon, and as per the other person, I don’t know why it automatically added him into both the FigJam or the Figma design because I did not include him in it. Can you assist me on this matter It has been bugging me for a couple of days and the Figma assisting call line doesn’t go through.

I also wanted to add that, when I got my annual plan I didn’t check both of their monthly payments. Whenever it was even activated for them I didn’t get any notifications on Figma nor did I get any emails so that’s why I didn’t try and deal with this matter sooner before the upcoming monthly payment. until I got the email saying I have 61 dollar payment coming that to have to make soon.

@Gayani_S @Celine_Figma
I would appreciate your guy’s help, I don’t want to have this unnecessary bill to pay, and I’m confused as well, in my settings I tried to reduce the seats, but now it says I have a 176 bill going to occur in 2 days, which is 3 times more than the original amount of how much I had to pay. can somebody please reach out to me, the payment is in 2 days I don’t know how it tripled out of nowhere. if this isn’t resolved by tomorrow night I’ll have no choice but to cancel my plan tomorrow night, I do not wish to but to not have to pay that bill I might have to. so I very much would love any assistance. I have a lot of valuable information on my Figma.

Hey @Arslan_Mahmood , sorry to hear you are having issues with your billings and for the delay! I’ve checked in our backend, and the team replied you today. For your reference, your ticket number is: #928648. Please check your inbox as our support team needs some clarification on your end to resolve your issue.

To cover some basics, I share here some workarounds in the ticket that can also help others in the community who may encounter the same issue:

"Just to clarify, annual plans will always have a monthly plan attached to catch any overflow full seats added to your team. While the monthly plan cannot be removed, keeping your total full seat count within your annual plan’s coverage will ensure that there are no monthly charges.

In this case, it looks like your team currently has 3 Design full seats and 1 FigJam full seat, whereas your annual plan covers only 1 Design full seat and no FigJam full seats. Here’s how those additional full seats are charged:

- Design full seats are charged $15 a month per seat
- FigJam full seats are charged $5 a month per seat

In this case, it looks like your team currently has 3 Design full seats and 1 FigJam full seat, whereas your annual plan covers only 1 Design full seat and no FigJam full seats.

Here’s how you can check who’s included in your billing:

1. Click on the Admin Console icon next to the team name
2. Click on the Members tab at the top of the page
3. From there, downgrade any unneeded Design or FigJam full seats to “viewer-restricted” to remove them from your billing

If you decide to keep any of these full seats and convert their monthly seats to annual seats, you can do so in your team’s Settings.

These Help Center articles provide more information on each of these processes:

Manage team permissions
Manage, or renew annual subscriptions "

Sorry again for the frustration and the delay!

Hello, I am having a similar issue regarding billing, I submit a support ticket #928818 last week and have not received any response. I would appreciate any help on get this issue resolved! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Hannah, thanks for reaching out to us! Our support team usually takes up to 24 business hours to reply back to emails. However, please be aware that we are facing increased contact volume so there might be a delay.
(I have been able to find your ticket, and I’ve escalated internally).
Thanks for your patience in the meantime :pray:


hello @Celine_Figma

I sent an email reply as to what exactly i wanted, but i haven’t gotten a reply, so ill copy and paste the email i sent here as well, because we needed to distinguish what exactly needs to be done.

"First, I just wanted to say thank you so much for reaching out back to me, let me explain how things should have been in my Figma Billing. so at the moment, I have 3 members in total including myself, if I have any more seats than these at the moment please remove them if it’s increasing the cost. Also, I have 3 members in my Team, one of whom I never meant to add either, i don’t know how he got added and how he got added into the payments of the Figma. I noticed in the billing too that members get defaulted to being able to be entered into the payment plan themselves, unfortunately, it doesn’t give an email or a notification a member has been upgraded or else I would have dealt with this matter sooner. As for the payment, I want only have 3 seats in total, I want to have myself as a Figma design and FigJam, and I want to have Darlyn Fernandez as a Figma Designer, Harsh was only ever supposed to be able to view the files, also on his side of the client it does not even show he’s in our team but mine it does for some reason so i don’t know if that’s a bug or not, so what should remain is 2 Figma designs seats and 1 FigJam seat, 1 fig design seat has already been paid annually too aka mine, and as for the FigJam and Figma design just make them monthly so I only have to pay around 50ish this month,

Also Thank you again so much for reaching back to me i have been stressing the past couple days of about having to pay 300ish which I don’t have. Thank you so much."

also, another thing, It said that the Figma renewal subscription was tomorrow as well, and in case you guys are not able to change it in time, and the payment goes through 300 dollars would I be reimbursed, like paid back and then u guys can take away those seats that are there, Thank you, Also the extra seats I added by accident when trying to find out how to remove seats.

Hey @Arslan_Mahmood ,
I saw in our backend that our support team replied you. (We have canceled the addition of the extra annual seats for you on our end)
Please check your inbox, thank you!

Hi @Celine_Figma, can you please have someone look into my ticket (#943879) as well?

I’ve been following up on it daily and have not received any response yet.

I would really appreciate support to get it resolved.

Thank you,