Figma stopped working on mac os 10.13.6

Figma stopped working on mac os 10.13.6

Hi. after the latest updates, the company stopped working on mac os 10.13.6

Can I get a link to an earlier version of the app?

Unfortunately, I do not know which version of the figure will suit me. But she stopped working last week.



Hey there!

Can you please update your OS? The minimum operating system (OS) requirements is Apple macOS 11 or later.

Also, if you are using Figma on browser, please be aware that the minimum browser requirements are:

  • Chrome 84 or later
  • Firefox 79 or later
  • Safari 15.5 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 84 or later

And to download the desktop app: here
For more information, you can check our guide: here

Hope this helps!

I’m having the same trouble, and unfortunately I can’t update my OS either, since it is an old computer. Is there any link for the older version of Figma?


The system cannot be updated further, that’s why needed the older version.

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Hey everyone,
Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer older versions of the Desktop app compatible with previous OS versions. And so for now, we suggest using the browser or updating your OS. As explained, the minimum operating system (OS) requirements is Apple macOS 11 or later.

Hope this clarifies!

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I installed the new version and it stopped working.
My mac is old and cannot support new OS versions.
You could explain that before ask for update.
Now i can’t use anymore at the desktop.


I have the same problem and i also can’t update system :frowning:


You have to update your macos and contact to Figma support for further instance.

Here is older version:
This installation worked for me some days ago, but now they stopped it too :frowning:

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Hey everyone,
To give some clarity, we don’t recommend the older version due to ongoing changes from Apple and Google, so things totally outside our control. (We’re not able to provide older versions of the Figma desktop app). Thus, as an alternative, we suggest updating the OS or using Figma in the browser. Thank you for your understanding!

You just killed an entire scope of clients! You have to let people have an olde version! Mac is a computer that has been held for more than 10 years. Of course, people can’t update it. or at least warn before!


Here I have an old Macbook 15 2011 MacOS 10.13.6, new MacOS updates are no longer supported, the only option is to buy a new Macbook 2023!!!
Send me $2000 for a new Macbook, or a link to Figma MacOS 10.13.6!!!

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Same nightmare to me… I had a deadline at the moment of life when I was in huge dept, and finally I found a project that can help me buy food. I have an old mac so cannot update from Mojave to the newer OS. And I was finishing the project and suddenly Figma kisked me out and demanded to launch the new OS which is impossible for me. So I’ve spent a half of the night to set up fonts on Browser version, and the font installer didn’t work! Thank you Figma…

Would you mind at least warn your users before you put them in troubles?


i have the same problem with font installer, custom fonts doesn’t work on web version


Also here from frustration.

  1. A few days warning would be nice before stopping the app completely as a surprise.

  2. Even if you say do it in the browser, there is no way to use the local fonts in the browser if you’re on 10.13.6 High Sierra. The font installer opens and does nothing and says nothing. How about an error message or something?

  3. Minimum requirements OS 11 - thats from 2020 onwards, just 4 years!

If the previous app was working just fine, WHY not just let me control the updates manually so I can stop them when I don’t need them???

Again, I’m sorry for writing this out of frustration, you guys are doing amazing improvements all the time! But don’t just leave me in the dark like this. Afterall I’ve been paying for a plan for years now.

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Hey everyone! I’m Rob and I lead product on our Desktop App.

We’re really sorry people are experiencing issues with this. Sadly this is an upstream change from Apple and Google around Xcode and Chromium that is outside of our control.

We are also unable to provide warnings before updates as we can’t encourage using unsupported versions of Figma for a number of reasons.

I would suggest people experiencing this issue either update their OS version, or continue using Figma in the browser. We’re aware that this means custom fonts may not be supported, but sadly we aren’t able to provide workarounds at this time.

Again we’re so sorry about this, but sadly there is nothing we can do at this time.

Hi @Celine_Figma @Robert_Bye

for the past 4 days now, I’ve been having issues trying to select content of a frame, i have to click multiples time, this happens both on the web and app on my macbook but it works perfectly well on my windows, I’ve tried series of solutions including uninstalling and reinstalling, resetting my mac (lost my files) still yet issue still persist.

My macbook is also uptodate, what could be the issue please

Hey there, sorry to hear this is happening! As a good practice, please make a new thread, as your issue is not related to this thread directly.

For your case, as a first workaround, please also try to clear out your cache (here are the steps in the article) and force-quit to see if that helps. If not, I’d recommend you to reach out directly to the support team: here.
Our support team can investigate it further. Be sure to use the email associated with your Figma account, mention the steps you have done, share your device specs, a quick video recording, a link to the file, and share the file with (with edit access), so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

What a ridiculous situation.

It doesn’t seem like great idea to have a dependency dictate your business in this way.

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I’m using older mac and I can not update because of disk error. You just destroyed with your update. In fact you could use older version without any problem, because Figma is browser based app. For you it’s not a problem. Even older Adobe Xd versions are still working. Why not to leave old version as it is?

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