Figma Slides custom templates should be available on all paid plans

Creating custom templates in Figma Slides is only available on the Organization and Enterprise plans per the Figma Learn article. This is a basic feature of any presentation design software, even for decks designed entirely by individuals.

As much as I would love to move our agency away from Google and towards Figma Slides for our pitch decks, this will be a non-starter without this feature. We can’t justify the huge cost increase when no other Organization plan features are relevant to us.

Please consider ungating this from the high-cost plans.


I would like to second this. I just tried out the beta and immediately ran into this issue. On all other presentation software, you can edit the template.

Even if you can’t publish the template, just editing the template is a basic feature that is needed. Having to update each slide manually each time is not an option.


Yeah this makes it basically useless to anybody who regularly does presentations. It is a feature that is there by default on any other free slide maker.


I agree, it’s a basic feature.

I already love Figma Slides, but without this feature, it’s unusable for an agency wanting to create decks for clients. Not only large enterprises need to create custom templates for clients, small businesses also require this functionality.

The cost gap to upgrade to the Organization plan just to get this feature is not justified for smaller companies.


Agreed with the comments above. Just spent the last 30 mins trying to edit a template and realized that because we are on the pro model, we can’t. This is a core feature that will stop us from using this. Too bad as otherwise it looks great.


Same here… I have a personal and work Figma account, but even as an individual who wants to build a portfolio deck, I need to be able to edit the template… Not a feature that should be gated on organization. Very frustrated to just have wasted a bunch of time to figure this out.


Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our Slides team for future consideration.


That’s disappointing, agreed it’s fundamental to any presentation software not just big orgs. It’s essentially the equivalent of a Component Library in Figma Design. You wouldn’t restrict that to just Organisation+


Makes no sense that you cannot do this with a Pro account. Messy that you cannot create templates with styling that you have saved with your Pro account in Figma. For me, working as the only designer at a smaller agency, it is unreasonable to go from $15 to $45 a month to be able to publish presentation templates.


Yeah, this makes no sense. Creating and Editing templates should be standard on all plans, even free plans.


+1 - this should be available on any paid plan at least. Every slide tool allows this and conceptually it’s no different than creating a library, style or component that can be leveraged by the entire team. Feels like somewhat manipulative to enforce org upgrade for a single table-stakes feature.


I did the same. Spent 30 minutes looking for it. It’s confusing and disappointing. Confusing because you’d expect it to be there and you look for it. Disappointing because it’s core feature in most free presentation software and makes a promising tool unusable.


Yes, agree 100%

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Agree, it makes zero sense to keep this feature in the Org plan.


This should definitely not be a feature for orgs and enterprises only. Makes no sense to me.

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Yes, I also searched and at some point realised with surprise that there is no templates function.
I was already running around the office cheering and thought we had found a great alternative to pitch.
Sorry, but it’s not worth switching to the organisation plan for this. We don’t need its features otherwise and it’s disproportionately more expensive.
So we’ll stick with for the time being and hope that Figma will see sense.

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I absolutely agree – I can see why a function like this would not be in the free plan, but for a paying customer with a small team, working in design, it’s a deal breaker not to have custom templates.

I can see limiting the ability to publish the template to a team (just like team libraries), but creation of a template should be for everyone.

+1 - it’s in line with creating component libraries - which is available in the pro plan.

Agree. It’s a basic feature that should be available to all plans.

In what world can we link complex prototypes, use AI, create smart animations, and not set up foundational templates? Makes no sense.

I will say the usability and design possibilities still make me opt for Figma.

But please do release custom template features for everyone!