Figma Prototype Player App Is So Buggy

I have been using Figma prototype player/mirror app an iPhone 13 Pro Max for a couple years now, and since I started using it, there has been barely a noticeable difference in bugginess. It seems as though they haven’t been updating it.

Here’s some things that I feel need to be addressed ASAP:

  • While mirroring or playing prototype, if I leave the Figma app and come back to open it, even for a few seconds, the screen goes black and I try to restart the prototype (sometimes it works), if that doesn’t work, I have to exit it and reload it again. I find myself doing this at least 50 times a day, on a busy day, probably 100 times a day.

  • While designing in Figma and mirroring on my iPhone, a lot of the time (mainly when inserting a video/gif or updating interactions), the screen goes black or an error message comes up forcing me to close the prototype and reopen it.

  • Once my design file starts becoming heavier, with more interactions and screens, the whole thing becomes extremely laggy and unpresentable to clients.

I recommend the Figma team check out ProtoPie’s player app. That thing works so flawlessly, it’s unbelievable, it feels like I’m using a native app. No matter how heavy the file is, it will work smooth like butter. I’m in middle of designing an app with a high resolution video bg that plays on a loop, Figma will crash after one second opening it, while ProtoPie will play that thing effortlessly.

I’m begging the Figma team, please do something about this, it frustrates me beyond. I find myself at work half the day designing, and the other half closing and restarting my prototype.

Thanks you!

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