Figma plugin UI dissaster

I almost never do this, only when I get triggered very hard…

How the fu*k do I add a plugin to use in figma? I am software developer with 10y+ in design and I am already trying for 15 minutes to find out how to add a plugin so I can jsut see the combined width of multiple selected objects …

There’s some Try it out button which is nice, but I seriously need to use it. Without having to watch 10 youtube tutorials.

FIX THIS, for criste’s sake

Ok, so I have to go to try it and then it’s hidden in some small menu.
And now the quest for how to start the tool in desktop figma, with only view rights, begins

And finally, I have to duplicate (save) something to my space, so I can run measuring plugin…

Time wasted: 40m+ total


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