Figma notify with error not according to docs

According to the docs for the notify function:

However, when I add error field I am getting:

Argument of type '{ timeout: number; error: boolean; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'NotificationOptions'.
  Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'error' does not exist in type 'NotificationOptions'.ts(2345)

I might be doing something wrong here, but looks like a contradiction between docs and error message.

this is the line: figma.notify(errorMessage, {timeout: 5000, error: true});

figma.notify('Your message', {timeout: 4000, error: true});

@tank666 yes, this is my line I just edited my question, interesting enough it works without error field, but of course it is not showed in red as an error.

Even more interesting, if I navigate inside the implementation of the notify function I can see:

notify(message: string, options?: NotificationOptions): NotificationHandler

and for NotificationOptions I can also see a couple of implementations, none of them has the error property.

from lib.dom.d.ts:

interface NotificationOptions {
    actions?: NotificationAction[];
    badge?: string;
    body?: string;
    data?: any;
    dir?: NotificationDirection;
    icon?: string;
    image?: string;
    lang?: string;
    renotify?: boolean;
    requireInteraction?: boolean;
    silent?: boolean;
    tag?: string;
    timestamp?: EpochTimeStamp;
    vibrate?: VibratePattern;

from index.d.ts

 interface NotificationOptions {
    timeout?: number

Update plugin-typings or add error?: boolean; to the index.d.ts file.

Update plugin-typings as suggested by @tank666 makes it work with error field, thanks man!