Figma.notify error | Figma notify error does not timeout

I saw this topic, which is closest to the problem I’m having, Figma notify with error not according to docs,

I have a Figma.notify with error set to true, but it does not timeout with the built in default 3 seconds according to the documentation. I have to manually add the timeout: 3000.

Was wondering is there something that can be done on my end, thanks in advanced

The 3 second timeout is the default in regular notifications (error: false). Once you set the error: true, the timeout of such notification will change to Infinity. So if you want the error notification to close automatically, you definitely need to add a timeout value.

Ah okay, thank you! Don’t see that literature in the notify documentation.

hey, your reply saved me some time too, as I was closing the error notif my hand, but I had no time to investigate this kind of strange behaiviour :))

My brain just tooked it for granted :stuck_out_tongue: