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Figma Mirror Not Working

Figma Mirror not Working from today morning. I reinstalled ap but its its loading


same issue…i tried in other devices but not working …i think its a bug from figma side today…


Same here, the frame is selected but cannot load the content


Hello Figma team. The Figma Mirror app has stopped working. I tried to reinstall it, rebooted the phone (Pixel 4).
I also rebooted Figma itself does not help. None of the screens work, just keeps on loading screen.

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

P.S. Internet speed and Wifi is fine, everything works fine. But the mirror stubbornly hangs on the loading screen.


Same problem here since today.
Version 20.0 on Android – deleted the app, fully cleared app cache.

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Same here. I’m on a Google Pixel 5 and getting the black screen and it just tries to load but nothing happens. Restarted the phone and the computer but no luck.

Does anyone encounter black screen loading on your Figma App when you try to mirror it?

If yes, what is your solution?

Figma Mirror doesn’t load prototypes, when I open the app all I see is a black screen. can u help me, please?

Same for me, I have a black screen with infinite loading. I reinstalled the application, nothing happens.

Same problem as everyone above. Android Pixel 4a with latest versions on both devices.

Hey everyone, we’re aware of this issue and our team is actively investigating. Thanks for reporting. Just to confirm everyone is on an android device correct?

Yes, everyone is on Android.

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Thanks! We should have a fix for this soon

Mine show black screen since last night.

Same issue here. I am using an android as well. the screen isn’t loading. All I see is a loading animation.

The same to me. I see just a black screen.
Help Figma Team! :tired_face:

@Josh I’m on IOS 14.4.2 and also experiencing this. It’s not been working for at least the last 24hrs.

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figma mirror is not working for 2 days now and has been in a black screen loading problem.
Please fix this problem as soon as possible!

Hey josh,
My Figma Mirror is showing blank screen also.
When can we expect the issue will be resolved.


Same problem here. Also Andorid device.
Additionally, the files won’t open either, when using the Browse-menu.