Figma Mirror Android hangs when trying to load frame

yup, yesterday it was working just fine :sob: idk what’s going on now, so frustrating

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When I try to view Figma files on Android I never am able to get the same appearance as on Desktop. I’ve tried the Figma App, Firefox for Android (using both mobile view and desktop mode), and Chrome (using both mobile view and desktop).

Colored background goes missing, resulting in white text being rendered over white backgrounds, making the images basically unusable.

What’s going on? Everything I’m using on Android is up to date and this failure happens across multiple devices and multiple apps.

Hey all, merged these posts together. The team is actively looking into this and hope to have a fix soon. Thanks for reporting!


It worked well for a moment and again it went hanging…!!
I thought there is some issue with my system.

Great…!! Looking forward to it.

Same problem here with my android :confused:

Does anyone know that Figma already fixed this? Because I’m still facing this issue until today😕

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Still seems broken a year later, not any better
Android Build 62.0.A.3.109, Sony XQ-BT52