Figma Memory Alert

My Figma file exceeded 89% of browser memory. The red alert says it is not safe to use it.
Does it mean that components may be crashed or does it mean it’s not safe because I may reach 100% and the whole file may crash?

Hey @Natalie7,

Figma uses WASM memory to render layers and objects on the canvas and deliver a collaborative multiplayer experience.

Every browser has its own active memory limit. This can differ across devices, but the general understanding is there’s an active memory limit of 2GB per browser tab.

As Figma is built on browser-based technologies, these limitations apply even when you’re using Figma’s desktop app.

Nothing has necessarily crashed, but if your file reaches 100% of your memory limit, Figma will lock the file and inform you that there’s no available memory.

Here’s how to reduce your memory usage before continuing to work in the file:

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