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Figma keep open new tab in browser


My desktop Figma keeps opening a new tab in the browser (Safari). I’m not sure is it an issue with Figma or the browser? Does anyone have the same?


Yes I am having the same issue all the sudden this evening. happens in new files as well. happens from previewing in desktop or browser… In desktop the preview will just keep opening new browser tabs to Figma… on a browser the preview will just crash itself and close during preview.

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This is also happening to me. I have tried restarting computer and restarting figma app but problem persists


Yes, the same. I reported the bug and waiting for Figma’s reply.

I guess it is a bug of Figma.

Prototype services are also not available

I reported one as well. I thought it may have been related to using the new Flows feature. but even after removing the flow starting points from the file it was happening still.

Seems prototype services can work in my computer, and it looks like the issue of “keep open new tab” has fix for a while.

The issue happens when I just have a frame with no flow starting point or interactions these new features. I think it maybe an old bug of Figma.

Find this chat about the issue that happens in 2020

sorry… the issue still in

Same! Its been happening all day. (Chrome user)

Yup, same here. Every time I click or do anything in the Mac app it opens a new tab in Chrome browser. Very difficult to work like this! :grimacing:

I’m glad I’m not the only one! I have a feeling that it might be opening a tab every time it autosaves? It’s always opening to the Figma home page. (Using windows app & chrome)


yup and still happened to me

It’s only happening to me when I have a prototype tab open on the figma app. when you restart the app, make sure you do not open a prototype window and it will stop (obviously this is not a sustainable fix, but helping me not loose my brain for now)


for me it’s only happened when i’m in collaborative worksheet, when i’m opening my own worksheet it’s normal. try to open your work using browser for now, for me it’s not opening new tab anymore

Thank you!!! This just saved my sanity. Obv I’ll need my prototype open eventually but this has helped immensely. Cheers

I am using the Figma desktop app as a default. However, every time I preview my prototype, Figma opens up as a new tab in my browser, which is mildly annoying because I’d have to go close the Figma browser window that pops up every time I present/preview my designs. This never happened before, just today. I also didn’t change any of my settings.


it’s also happened to me, now i’m opened my work on browser and it’s not opening new tab anymore, try to do that while waiting bug being fixed

I have the same issue, which makes it impossible to work :angry:. It never happened before.