Figma interface improvement feature

Hey there!

I’m a designer and use Figma on a daily basis, like many of you. Our job as designers is to improve user experience and make interfaces easier to use and understand. However, it turns out that in improving everything around us, we’ve completely forgotten about what we have - our tool, Figma.

I found that I was constantly experiencing negative pattern when working with the Plugins menu. So, I decided to do some research to identify the problem and come up with a solution to make the daily experience of using Figma more convenient.

→ I chose myself as “persona” and conducted an interview with myself to localize the problem

→ I involved my colleagues and conducted additional interviews to confirm the hypothesis

→ Then, I made a survey for designers from different chats and groups to gather quantitative data to see if the proposed solution would be useful

So, here’s my improvement: Plugins groupping feature :point_down:

I’m currently seeking new design job opportunities so, Figma, where is my job offer? Help me make sure Figma sees it.

If you find this usefull, I’d love your feedback, likes, and if you share this, I’ll be your friend :sweat_smile:

This gave me a good laugh, research is overrated!

Nice idea! Maybe nicer to be able to have the plugin folders in a sidebar instead of in a dropdown in a dropdown.

Glad it made you laugh :grin:

Yes, you may be right. But still, to develop something, it is better to localize the problem. Research is overemphasized when that research is not properly constructed.

To be honest i didn’t undestand your idea, can you design it to show? :slight_smile: