Figma ignores spaces while copying and pasting from MS Word document

Hi, I’m having trouble pasting texts from MS Word document into Figma. When I copy and paste text from Word, Figma ignores the spaces between the words and stick the words together. So I have to copy the Word-text into an text-editor and then I can paste it in Figma. Is there any solution without this workaround?
Thank you for every idea and reply!


Hi! Following this! This is a brand-new issue that we’re experiencing as well.

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Having the same issue! Following up!

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Also experiencing this issue, would say it began last week (around February 8). I am on a PC, primarily copy and paste from MS Word, and use Figma in a Chrome browser.

HI Following this, I have the same issue

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Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. This issue was flagged internally. I will get back to you when I have anything I can share with you all.

Thanks for your patience.


Should of tried this right away: If you copy and paste your content from MS Word into Notepad first, then into Figma, it won’t remove spaces. So it’s a direct-from-Word to Figma issue.

Same issue here that occur since I changed my OS from German to Englisch.

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Same issue here. It’s causing a lot of problems for our team. Any updates/insight would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

yep, same here