Figma freezes up (but the files work fine on another computer)

I’ve been battling with this for weeks. I’m starting to consider transitioning to Sketch or some other alternative. I’ve asked Figma support but they don’t give me any answer.

My files are constantly freezing. The only thing that seems to solve it is to close them and open them again. It happens with some actions: mostly every time I detach an instance, use a plug-in, or add an image as a thumbnail, specially. Sometimes it doens’t do it, for increased frustation.

I’ve tried on browser, on the beta app and it still happens. I tried with another computer, and it doesn’t happen. It works fine :melting_face:

Have you ever seen this before? I cleaned the cache of the computer which someone suggested. I can’t figure out what else can it be. If you have any tip, I’ll be grateful forever. :pray:

In case someone is facing this problem and using a tablet. It was the Wacom tablet!!! :exploding_head: For some reason it blocks the page.

I tried uninstalling and installing drivers over and over, but nothing fixes it. Back to using a mouse.