Figma file organization feature requests

  1. Subfolders for Figma files within projects - To be able to organize related files within the project together. Once the project starts having more than 10 files it starts to become hard to remember where everything is and the organization of related files within a project is hard to keep track of.

  2. Custom tags for Figma files and tag filter - Tagging files with attributes so they can be filtered would be great.

  3. Figma file statuses - At the moment we add a status to the cover of the file manually. But it would be super helpful if this feature was embedded into the file management features itself.

  4. Figma file architecture - Dashboard with exportable diagram of Figma file architecture within a team space and even workspace level. In large organizations and teams, we have to strategically structure files and work so we can scale in an organized manner. We often have to go into each project one by one and audit the files and then map everything in a diagram manually so we can have a high-level view. But this is hard to maintain and super inefficient. Large organizations with hundreds of users and hundreds of files have erratic architectures because there’s really no way to strategize the IA of it.


Yes please!!! I organize my files by product area, but sometimes my files get put on hold, ideation is no longer needed and features have been integrate to master files, etc. would love to be able to create folders to organize some of this stuff.

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