Figma Export Bug: x2 doesn't work anymore

When exporting assets at x2, there is no difference. The asset’s resolution appears identical to that of an x1 export.


But the size is getting bigger. Is that a feature? hr

It seems that there are no e2e tests to make sure it doesn’t break?!

I also disccused it at “Friends of Figma”. But there was no follow-up? Anyhew pl fix. It’s sad when basic features don’t work anymore.

Hi @Chris64 what you are seeing when importing an exported image at 2x is expected and outlined in the article here.

well that’s some magic. a cool feature that is perhaps not so well communicated in the Figma UI? like even the support in discord didn’t know about it. i get the idea. but this behavior is not expected at first. thx.

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