Figma desktop doesn't support horizontal scroll from logitech mouse

I am using Logitech’s Mx Master 3 mouse, which has horizontal scroll option.
When I set horizontal scroll for figma desktop, it works for a few minute and stops working soon.
To make it work I have to close and restart my figma desktopeach time.
But this horizontal scroll is working properly in website of figma.
Is there a work around ?
Thanks in advance!.

It is also replicating in the web. I tried using horizontal scroll in web and it is not working now.

Hello, I have the same mouse, This is accurate, I managed to find out this problem is related to choosing a layer, before a layer is selected, it works fine but after that it starts being crazy in different variations

Thankfully, I got use to using side scroll for zoom in/zoom out it works smoothly and even more relevant than horizontal scroll

Hey, I use zoom in and ot with the buttons below the scroll.
I would really like to use it for horizontal scroll.
Thanks for responding!

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Your welcome, Yes it is kind of a bug, but I guess Figma didn’t notice it as not so many people has this awesome mouse that contains horizontal scroll hardware by default.

That was a great suggestion of using those buttons. I use it for copy and ctrl+shift+R to replace copy

This mouse is for every designer who takes it work seriously

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right it is such an amazing mouse to work with while designing !!

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