Figma desktop app not opening file

Hi Team,

I’m facing an issue in figma. I’m not able to open figma file on my desktop app.
It’s showing " We can’t open the file because we are having trouble with WebGL. Please try restarting the desktop app."

I restarted the app, but it’s showing the same. Can I get any suggestion to over come this problem?

I attached screenshot of that, please check it once and get me back.

Thank you,
Akarsha G H

I am also facing the same problem. I have enabled WebGL on my browser but the issue still persists. I am contemplating deleting the application from my laptop and downloading it again by noon tomorrow. I don’t want to believe the issue is from my laptop, as I’ve not had this experience while using Figma before.

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same issue here :disappointed:

I am having the same issue on both my desktop and browser. It started right after I allowed the desktop version to perform an update.

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I have the same problem too :frowning: :frowning:

The engineers are working on a fix for problems with the Desktop app where you’ll unexpectedly see an error that WebGL is not enabled, even when it is (you can check WebGL is enabled at
While they work on this, you should be able to clear the error by opening the desktop app and go to Menu > Preferences > Show Figma in Menu Bar and disable that option.
If you’re on Windows you find this setting in the toggle at top-right under Menu > Preferences > Show Figma in system tray. This option is only available on the latest app version, so if you’re not seeing it there, please update the app and check again.
If changing this setting doesn’t help, or you’re seeing this warning on both the browser and desktop app, we’d appreciate if you can use the (?) button at bottom right of the editor to file a bug report. Thanks!

still getting same error after disabling “show figma in system tray”. How to set WebGl or what should I do so I can start using Figma again.

I had the same issue. I reinstalled the desktop app and was able to open the file again.