Figma canvas navigation combo (unify with Adobe?)

I, like most of us, grew up with Ai and developed muscle memory for navigation controls on Adobe Illustrator.
I use Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Space to activate different modes (pan, zoom in/out, selection, multiple selection, duplicate).

Unfortunately is not possible to remap those keys from the keyboard settings, and the third party Karrabiner Elements (14.4) does not help much.

Unify (aka “copy”) the Ai combo pattern at this point is not possible, unless you want to provoke the wrath of the Figma community.

For this reason I’d find very helpful to allow the user to set his own shortcuts and canvas navigation combo to match his/her habits and muscle memory.
It would be a great improvement also on an accessibility level (what if I’ve lost a finger in the past?)

I hope you’ll take this into consideration.
anybody else struggling with this?
any trick to suggest?

till the next one :wink:

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