Figma Basics - How to override image in instance

I am going through Figma Basics and in point 3. Components, there is instruction to override images and text to make it look like example on the right side. The thing is that instruction doesn’t specify on how to replace images in component instance with image that is already in the file. Am I missing the point or should I just detach instance and then simply replace it? I know that there are multiple solutions to that task, but I am wondering why you can replace image in instance with image from your drive, but not with the image that is already in the file?


Sorry but it didn’t answer my question, it’s actually all that I said about in my first comment about “Place image”… It only works for images from drive, not for those that are in the file.


Ah, for the ones that are in the file you can copy/paste the fill of the layer.


Nice, now it works. Thank you for your help. Just to clarify for people that will see it in the future. You must click on fill image you want to copy - not for the layer containing image, than ctrl + c or cmd + c, the click on image you want to replace and ctrl + v or cmd + v.


You can also copy all properties using alt + cmd/ctrl + C and paste via alt + cmd/ctrl + V. But I avoided this in my answer because it not only copies the fills, but effects, corner radius, and other properties that you may not want.

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Ooo! Looks like a super great trick.

Hmm. I’ve watched this screenrecording about 10 tens, and I’m not able to recreate what I’m seeing. Can you please create another recording starting from a blank canvas and showing the entire screen with both side panels open, and also maybe even with audio of you explaining what you’re doing?

Cool. Thanks Gleb

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I select an image fill, Cmd + C, select another image, Cmd + V. It’s explained above:

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How do I override a vector icon though. When I have a button with a label and a vector based icon, I need to be able to override both


Thank you so much!

Thank you very much. I had done that exactly the same way before, because i knew this hack. But it just does not work I expected.
Once again, why all this.
I have a frame and this frame has as fill the image. If I now enlarge the frame, then the image inside the frame scales with its proportions. Exactly what I want

If I select another motive over the HDD it also works. With copy and paste as described here, the image comes into the frame, but it no longer scales as desired.


Got it. You then have to select the frame, go back into the setting and then set the frame to fill. This is after pasting on CROP (!) :see_no_evil:

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