Feedback request: Updates to the Figma plugin API

Have you created a Figma plugin or widget? If so, Figma would like your feedback on an RFC for some upcoming changes to the plugin API. These API changes enable your plugins to take advantage of a major improvement to file load performance that Figma will be rolling out in the coming months.

That improvement: Figma will soon load pages on demand, instead of loading every page when the file is opened; we expect this to greatly reduce file load times.

As this loading improvement rolls out, all plugins and widgets will continue to work as-is, because Figma will load every page in the file before the first plugin/widget run. However, this means that the first run in a file loaded on-demand might feel slower. The APIs described in the RFC enable you to skip this first-run slowness and work more naturally with files that are loaded on-demand.


  • We welcome your feedback on the RFC now through September 20th.
  • You’ll be able to start using the new APIs in your plugin on October 30th.
  • The new loading system will roll out in 2024.

:point_right: We’d love your feedback on the RFC to learn more and add your comments, questions, and feedback.

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Hi. Thanks for such a great update!

I can’t find any instructions on how to start using the ‘“documentAccess”: “incremental”’ in a plugin in development. Figma just errors with “Manifest error: ‘documentAccess’ is not supported yet” when I try to import the manifest.

The new APIs are currently in closed beta.

Hey @figajm! I noticed that new asynchronous APIs are already available in Figma. Is it safe to use these APIs and publish plugin updates?