Feature Requests: Prototype requests

Here are several recommendations based on common tasks/features found in everyday apps/websites.

1. Add a “Scroll” or “While Scrolling” event handler for prototyping
This would allow for scroll-based interactions, such as animations or treating an elements as “position: sticky”. Currently, we have to create complex hacks to replicate these.

2. Add input field interactions for prototypes
Ability to add a “form > input” to an element, then select what sort of input type that is. This way, we could build form components that provide some measure of realism with prototypes. So, in theory, I could add a box, then in Prototype, set it’s handler to Form > Input, which would provide me a slew of options - one being Text. Then, I could attach it to a text field on the screen. In Prototype view, a user would then click the box and a cursor would appear, allowing them to type.

3. Embed Movies
The ability to add a movies in much the same manner as images. There are several hacks out there, one of which is using Anima.