[Feature request] Open link in Figma desktop app

When I’m in the Figma desktop app, there’s no way (that I know of) for opening a file by URL. My only option is to paste the link into Chrome, and have Chrome bounce me back to the Figma app.

I would love to see a feature in the Figma desktop app that lets me paste a Figma link and open the file without needing to use Chrome at all.

wow, I’ve never seen that before. thanks!

I can think of at least 2 places where I would love to see this feature integrated:

  1. search: paste a Figma URL into search to open that file (not currently supported)
  2. new tab page: it would be nice to have the “open file from clipboard” option here

Following up on this - I am glad to know this feature exists, but it is part of the Mac menu bar, not part of the Figma app itself. It would be nice to have a feature within the Figma app that does this.