Feature request: Indication in the layers palette whether a text node's value is set by a variable

It’s so great that you can now set the value of a text node to a variable, especially when dealing with variable modes.

It would be even greater if you could tell which nodes are set by a variable and which ones are not, without having to select each one first to find out.

Usually the layers palette does a good job of indicating such things, but not in this case.

Below is the frame “Product” that uses a mode variable, currently set to “Cherries.” The “label” text node is set by a one of the mode’s values, but the “price” node is not. They look exactly the same.


The only way to find out which children are associated with mode’s values is to select each one and look over at the properties pane to the right.

It’s cool that I can tell by looking that the node “Product” is set to switch the mode. I just wish I could more easily tell which of its children use the mode’s values.

And I know you might say, “Well, you can’t tell if a node’s color is set by a variable, either.” But the primary feature of a text node is its text! If you delete its text, it no longer exists!

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