Feature request: Admin users can restrict Editors from being able to invite new editor users

As an Admin user, I would like to have the ability to limit Editor users from being able to invite new Editor users as I periodically find myself having new licenses to pay that are not approved by me as the Admin user.

This is because my Editor users are able to invite new users by giving them Editor access level directly.

The more Editor users of my company I have the more Editor users are invited instead of being Viewer users.

This is very frustrating because I have to constantly monitor new users, to avoid having costs that exceed the budget.

I can’t believe I’m the only one with this problem! :sweat_smile:


As an Admin user, even just being able to approve and possibly correct the access levels of invitations sent by Editor users before they are actually sent would be great.

It seems this is not only my problem, and yes, I can define these issues as dark patterns:

How Figma Tricked Me And My Agency Team With Dark Patterns by Harsh Vijay

Figma is using dark patterns to charge you more by Michal Malewicz

Saving $18,000 :scream: on a Figma Dark Pattern

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