Feature request: Ability to change the value of a referenced variable

When building a design system I base a lot of values on some sort of root token.
When speaking about font sizes or spacings this becomes pretty clear what I am speaking about.

Think of a base spacing variable „spacing-sm-base“ which holds the value „8“.
Then I want to create another variable „spacing-md“ which holds the value „{spacing-sm-base}*2“ (multiplying the nested value with the factor 2)
I could then create another spacing variable nesting the previously built {spacing-md} and multiply it by a certain factor or divide it or add another value.
Basically using math, like it is already possible in token studio.

Would be nice to see that natively

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass this along to the internal team. We really appreciate your voice and we hope we can improve the product in the future.


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