Fast scrolling on the touchpad vertically and horizontally..... Speed 4x how to fix this?

I have a xiaom laptop and there is very fast scrolling in the browser and in the application… how can I fix this??

Hey Gleb,
Thanks for flagging this! This looks like a bug. Is this issue only happening in Figma, and no other applications?
Can you try to change the scroll speed in the window setting of your laptop, and clear out the cache to see if that helps?

I’d suggest you to reach out directly the support team so we can investigate it further here:
Please remind in the form your computer’s specs (Make, Model, OS), Browser and version you’re working with and Desktop app version
And if you are able to, please record and share a quick video so the team can better visualise and reproduce the issue in our own files and so, showing all steps needed to reproduce the behavior will be helpful. Thank you!

Hey Celine!

  1. In all browsers the speed is very fast, I checked: google, opera, mazila, yandex.
    In the application the situation is a little better, the speed is 2x))) It’s possible to work, but it’s painful.
  2. OS - win 11
  3. Actions on the video are performed at a low scrolling speed

Video attached, awaiting feedback!

The video was recorded with a small number of frames, but the jumps are visible!

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zoom works great! scrolling is fast

Oh it’s odd that even with the zoom setting, this doesn’t help :thinking:. I’ve gone ahead and create a ticket on your behalf so the team can investigate further. Feel free to add any additional information in this request. For your reference, your ticket number is: #892247 (please check your inbox). Thank you!

Thanks for your quick response!
I also tweaked the system settings and it doesn’t help (But I tested it in Miro, it’s also canvas and it works as it should!

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Good afternoon You may be able to redirect your request to this email:

Otherwise I don’t receive notifications, I wouldn’t want to lose the thread(

Hey Gleb,
I’ve escalated internally and share your another email address. I’ve gone ahead and delete your email address here to protect your privacy as we are in the Community. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

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