Extend component height downwards

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find any answer to my question, so I’d hoped to ask here.
I’m creating a product card on a shop page with a hover effect that increases card height and adds color and add to cart buttons into it.

However, when I make the hover animation, the card height increases upwards, and I need it to go downwards.

Here is how it looks now: Screen capture - 46a29f2fccacc7de7c95ace48a05cf61 - Gyazo

How would I go about it to make it extend down?

This depends on a couple of things.
If this card is inside a frame, have you set the constraints to top + left or top + middle?
If this car is inside an auto-layout frame, have you set it to be vertical direction with vertical hug?

Hi Fernando, thank you for replying :slight_smile:
So I checked my frames, they look like this in settings:

I tried also putting both the image and the text+button part into a single frame, set it as hug vertically and auto-layout, but it still goes up on hover :sweat_smile:

OH. Wait, disregard the previous message haha. I checked the frame where all my cards sit, and changed it as you said, and it worked. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
Screen capture - 851bb386f5891339d313446f7649d74b - Gyazo - final result.


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