Exporting only the "viewable" part of a custom image

Hello all!

I’m trying to export an image from a Figma project to be used in Webflow… The image is actually a mask group (a person w/ no background and circle object to the right in the bg.)

I was wondering if there was any way to only export the “visible” part of the image… The shape is a full circle but I only want the part of the circle that is shown in the frame… Hopefully this ? makes sense and any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

If you have both grouped is as easy as stand on that frame, hit the export, and it will only export visible area of the frame

If I select the entire frame and export then that will export the whole frame correct? I’m just wanting to export the image (which is an image and ellipse grouped together) but only the viewable part of the image in the frame. I.e. the ellipse is actually a full circle but I don’t want to export the entire circle.

If you have them both wrapped in a frame, and you export that, it will work, you can even check the crop option in the frame, to make sure export will not print anything outside that frame.