Export/record prototype to Video or GIF

  1. As a designer I would like to record my prototype screen or export it as a gif so I can use it in presentations and send quick examples in the team group.

  2. It would be great to have the same feature then Principle to record or export the prototype to gif.

  3. Does anyone have the same need? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


I’m waiting for this so much. I was talking about it here.


Absolutely… and to Lottie… would love to have more export options for animations made in Figma in general… so much can be done, but there is no “animation export” option.

Also, exporting a prototype to video is a big deal. When you do social media in Figma (yes you can), well exporting animated content to Instagram stories is a pain. It would be very nice to just make it happen (and stop waiting/relying on plugins’ creator like Sketch did and now dying)


Yup yup and yup. I love Protopie for this reason, I can’t stop myself from wanting ALL THE FEATURES OF PROTOPIE and hoping that figma adopts.



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Hi @Felipe_Almeida , as a workaround I typically

  1. Initiate prototype view
  2. use command+shift+5 (on MacOS) to select a portion of the presentation view to record.
  3. While recording, interact with the prototype to record in real-time
  4. Import the recording into Kap (or similar) to quickly edit/resize/export to gif or another format as needed.

Is there a way to easily export prototypes and presentations ?
It could be PPT, impress, HTML5 but also video (MP4, GIF).

Share URLs is great but sometimes you’d like to save presentations. Those days i’m using transitions as an animation tool (like here) and I have to use a screen recorder then crop the video in Premiere; it would be so cool to export a vidéo !



I’m on windows, so i’m using other screen recorders, but anyway, it’s more complicated than just export and the quality is not great, it adds colors pixels, etc.

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Good workaround for Mac: https://getkap.co/

You can record your screen and then export as GIF or video. Pretty neat: they have tons of plugins available, e.g. you can show your keystrokes in the recording.


@Felipe_Almeida , tal vez funcione este plugin, Saludos!

SUPA - Figma to video – Figma

a ver…

You’re not alone! I’ve been trying to find a workaround for this for a couple of days now. So far, it’s a very tedious process using Quicktime, iMovie, and Mokup Frames.

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I use this too, is very good!

Thank you for the tip. Kap is awesome!

really need this function

I would love this. I open up QuickTime and record myself clicking through my prototypes right now, and then cut up the video. Not a huge pain, but if I could just record myself clicking through a prototype right in Figma… MAN that would be cool.

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Being able to take designs offsite to areas with less than stellar internet, as well as being able to use prototypes in personal portfolios, is huge. I’m sure there are plenty of other use cases. While video playback is nice, you can do a lot of that with a video capture tool. I would prefer a simple offline tool for prototype interaction. This would allow for offline use in common research scenarios and could also make offsite use for non-company contractors to use as well.

Feature request:
A way to record the prototype I made in Figma, maybe in the form of a GIF?

The video can be generated automatically according to my prototype flow.

On that note, also introduce embedding GIFs and export as GIF options in Figma!