Export pdf: Is there a way to preserve the names of the layers?

I am sending a Figma PDF export to a print shop for board games. They want me to name the layer that I am using to cut the punch outs “dielines.”

Is there an extension/plugin that I could use to do this?

Hi Randall,
I’ve found this plugin that may help you to cut the “dielines” (here called “Crop Marks” : https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/874441781480244375/print-for-figma-cmyk-bleed-crop-marks-dpi). Otherwise, you can browse directly in the plugin community: https://www.figma.com/community - Hope it helps!

I am expanding the question here to include SVG’s.

I want to keep the names of the shapes and layers.

When I export an svg or pdf it has all the shapes/paths but not the names of the paths or shapes.

I figured out how to make SVG exports include their names.

  1. Use the “…” menu when exporting the SVG.
  2. Select the “Include “id” attribute”.

If there are names in the file that are the same it appends “_2”, “_3” etc.
This is better than scrambled layer names which is what was happening before.

Ideally I would want the layers names to persist but will accept having to open them in inkscape to rename them again with the partially preserved names.

I found this solution only because of this other person’s question:

I am using this for exports that I plan on importing into Rive.

Looks like Rive docs have found the same fix that I just discovered.

Changing this export setting gets applied when you “copy as SVG” as well:

checking the box will preserve (some) of the names when you paste them into Rive.