Export PDF Files Creates Huge Files

Hey Folk.

I’m trying to export a frame in Figma which has noch images, just text, forms, blurry layer…When I export this frame, the file size is around 18MB and I don’t get why?

I’m creating presentations with Figma and when you’ve 50 Slides… Do the math…

Any help here?

Hi @Alex_Wolf,
Figma only supports PDF exports at 1x , so there wouldn’t be a native option to export assets at a different scale. There are a couple options to workaround this though.

  1. This Community plugin helps you to compress PDF files upon export: Compressed PDF Exporter or TinyImage plugin
  2. If you don’t mind keeping objects in PDFs as vectors, you can export all frames as JPEG while reducing the scale. Then you can combine them into one PDF with other apps or online tools.
  3. You could export from Figma as a 1x PDF and then use an online tool such as Compress PDF or I Love PDF to reduce the size.

Though I can see how supporting this natively would be useful for other users as well, so I’ve noted it for our Product team. I can’t guarantee anything on our end, but I can give it some visibility :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

Its not solved, I have tried those points of your answer … so many takes time to get compression of FDF files :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed recently that Figma is exporting “optimized” PDF files, in that the file sizes are now much smaller. Am I the only one? I can’t find any information on this being a feature update!

Hey @georgezikos, glad to hear your noticed the recent change!

This was actually a quiet launch pushed by the team a couple of weeks ago, but there’s more info from the team available here:

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