Export .ico

I know that MAC computers may accept .SVG format for their icons, but Windows and HTML still only accept .ico formats.
There are simplified converters and even a plug-in for Figma that allows the convertions to .ico, but they still doesn’t support multiple sizes unlike standard .ico files does.

Would be nice if we could get a feature to generate scalable .ico files which today to my knowledge, may only be found in GIMP.

Hi there, Thanks for sharing your thought about exporting .ico files! I understand how it would be beneficial for you. I’ll bring this up internally for future consideration.

Also, appreciate to exploring community plugin. Might not quite be exactly what you’re after, but I found the below. Feel free to check them out!

If the above doesn’t achieve your goal, one thing I can think of is directly contacting the plugin’s owner. You can give them feedback on the comment tab on the plugin page or send them a message using the support email on the right of the plugin page.

And please don’t forget to give your idea a vote up!