Export from Figma to InDesign

Hi everyone, I am trying to migrate from InDesign to Figma but I still need InDesign files. After creating the Figma documents I will need to somehow export them and work with them also in InDesign. It seems there is no way to export a document directly from Figma to InDesign. Does anybody know how to do that (maybe a plugin) or if it is even possible? Thanks


Did you figure this one out? I am currently doing the layout and sketches for a children’s book in Figma, and will ultimately have to emigrate to inDesign to format things properly for publishing. The setup in Figma is dimensionally correct, so my plan is to convert everything to a pdf., and then convert from pdf. to indesign, and then start applying the regular book structures. Kind of have to force things around a bit, but some early experimenting looks promising. It is a bit of a workaround, but it allows me full mobility in Figma up until the time when things need to be more finalized. Cheers

Hey @Espen_Sele @Oana_Dragomir

The only way I have seen that works is SVG but not ideal for sure

Maybe Figma+Adobe deal will come in handy for this part next year